Bulky Item Pickup

The City of Bullard offers quarterly pickup for large or bulky items.

Items must be SET OUT the day before pick up and must be ready for pickup by 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled Bulky Item Pickup Day. 

Early set out is not permitted. Find designated collection days for 2020 using the schedule below.

Bulk Pickup Schedule

Bulky Item Pickup Guidelines 

  • Bulky Item Pickup is ONLY for Bullard Residents signed up for City Utilities
  • Do not place bulky item piles in front of parked cars, near fences, trees, mailboxes, beneath overhead wires, low-hanging tree limbs, or on top of water meters.
  • Bulky item piles are limited to three (3) cubic yards. (example: length of a truck bed)
  • Residents will be fined if pile is set out after crews have passed your house or if pile is set out before designated set out time.

Acceptable/Not Acceptable

Bulky Item Disposal Alternative: Residents do not have to wait to receive their bulky item collection to get rid of bulky items; residents have one free monthly trip to the landfill with proof of residency including water bill and license.